Researchers Discover Immune System Stimulants that Block
Cancerous Tumor Growth

The science of the Vitaletheine Modulators and supporting research suggests a medically sound, economically viable alternative that complements conventional protocols for treating cancer and other immune related illnesses.

Animal studies evidence that Vitaletheine Modulators show promise as lifetime treatments for myeloma and melanoma. Observations indicate these compounds should impact therapy for several different types of human cancers.

Our goal is to announce discoveries and key research based upon the Vitaletheine Modulators, including the science behind how nutrition influences the metabolic and environmental causes of cancer, and to inform the public about the various remedies and treatments available today.

Galen D. Knight, PhD Who with Terence J. Scallen, MD, PhD Discovered Vitalethine and other Vitaletheine Modulators.

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